Big Sean Breaks Silence After Naya Rivera’s Death

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Big Sean Breaks Silence After Naya Rivera’s Death

Big Sean Breaks Silence After Naya Rivera's Death

Rapper Big Sean has finally broken silence after the death of Naya Rivera.

The Glee star was reported dead on Monday, July 13 after she disappeared during a boat ride with her 4-year-old son.

After a six day search, her body was found and pronounced dead. She was just 33 years old.

On Saturday, July 18 2020 the Detroit rapper shared a post on Instagram about his ex-fiance which was very touching.

The rapper said;

“Rest in peace Naya, God bless your soul! Thank you for blessing us with your talent and presence. You are a hero!

” Not just because of how you saved your son, also because of the barriers you knocked down for so many people to make them feel confident in themselves and to stand tall and be proud when they couldn’t achieve that on their own.

“I appreciate and cherish everything that ever happened between us for making me wiser and a better person.

“I’m still grieving and in shock, I can’t believe this is real.

“I’m praying for you and your family and I know you’re watching over them and protecting them. Rest in peace Naya.”

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Rest in peace Naya.

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